April 15, 2024

Fun88 Gold Train – Go back in Time with Fun88

Have you heard of Fun88 Gold Train? It’s an explosive game that is very hot and popular lately. The famous and reputable bookie in the market, Fun88, has been providing this slot game on the home page of the bookie. If you have not been tested yet, come here once and try the feeling of going back in time. 

About Fun88 Gold Train

To talk about Gold Train at Fun88, there are many advantages and disadvantages to talk about. We will discuss together what the theme of this game is, the game provider, etc. Along with that, some features as well as compatibility with devices like. 

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About Fun88 Gold Train’s supplier

Pragmatic Play is the provider of Gold Train at Fun88. This is a large-scale and extremely famous slot game development company today. The company’s heyday began in 2015 after a difficult time finding a foothold in the market.

Currently, Pragmatic Play is expanding and expanding much more than before. As a leading software provider. Currently, Pragmatic Play has been certified in many places and has won many different big and small awards. 

The theme of Gold Train at Fun88

Fun88 Gold Train has the beauty of an old traditional classic slot machine. If you have ever been to a real-life casino, you will feel a lot of similarities when playing. The images and sound of film reels are very familiar from the old days. 

In the game, there will be a total of 9 different symbols. Out of those 9 symbols, there will be 7 regular symbols and 2 special symbols. The usual symbols will include 3 main types of symbols: BAR, bell, hat, flag, and 777. The highest is the second symbol. It pays 10x, being the highest-paying symbol among the regular symbols. 

In addition, there will be two special symbols, train, and ticket. These two icons are somewhat more special. On the chessboard, substitutes will often act from their own winning lines. Other than 3 Scatters will land to be able to activate the rewards. 

Fun88 Gold Train on electronic devices

Looking at appearance of this slot game exudes a classic look. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used on modern devices. You can play Fun88 Gold Train on both your computer and mobile phone.

This slot game is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. So no matter what phone carrier you are using, you can access it. All you need to do is visit Fun88 and proceed to play here.  

Summary of some features 

Some features of the bonus round and free spins of Fun88 Gold Train will also be summarized right below this article. You are welcome to read.

  • For the progressive bonus feature, you need to catch 3 tickets to be able to activate it. During this bonus round feature, you will see a train that will drop free-falling gold to the ground. What you need to do is make the bonus amount on this carriage fall to the ground as much as possible. Because the bonuses that fall to the ground when this train stops will be given to you.
  • By landing 9 Wilds, you will be multiplied by more than 500 times the value of your bonus. That is the highest value you can get. Although unlikely, you should also try to see your luck at Fun88 Gold Train. 

Overall assessment of pros and cons 

The gameplay of Fun88 Gold Train is extremely simple and authentic. That has helped many users love it and give special favor to this slot game. It’s like a realistic simulation of traditional gambling.

However, it will also have some disadvantages when its max win rate is quite low. And building simple gameplay will make many people feel that this slot game is a bit monotonous. Anyway, the Gold Train at Fun88 is built around this theme. If any player has such a hobby, they will still love it to the end.

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FAQs about playing the Gold Train slot game at Fun88

Q:  What are the requirements to access Fun88 Gold Train?

A: Fun88 Gold Train can be accessed on computer, tablet, and mobile phone devices as long as they’re compatible with either Android or iOS operating systems.

Q: Does Fun88 Gold Train have a progressive bonus feature?

A: Yes! Fun88’s Gold Train has a progressive bonus feature that can be activated by landing 3 tickets on the reels. This will trigger a train that drops free-falling gold for players to collect and earn bonuses! 

Q: Is Fun88 Gold Train easy to play?

A: Fun88’s Gold Train is an easy slot game to play with its authentic classic look and simple gameplay.

Q:  What is the maximum win rate at Fun88 Gold Train?

A: Fun88’s Gold Train has a maximum win rate of 500x when 9 Wilds land on the reels. Though this may not be high, it could still make for an exciting game!

Q: Are there any special symbols in Fun88 Gold Train?

A: Yes, Fun88’s Gold Train has two special symbols – train and ticket. Landing 3 tickets will activate the progressive bonus feature while landing 9 Wilds will multiply by 500x.

Q:  Does Fun88 Gold Train have free spins feature?

A: Fun88’s Gold Train does not have a free spins feature.


Fun88 Gold Train is one of the new slot game themes built with simplicity but quality. The image, sound, and game script are carefully invested to bring an extremely good experience to the user. Please visit Fun88 immediately to enjoy the moments at this slot game.